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Lackland Air Force Base
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SITE Lackland AFB San Antonio, TX APPLICATION Gun Smith Shop EQUIPMENT Two Megamat® vertical carousels SUMMARY Increased security, ergonomics, productivity and 86% floor space savings utilizing two carousels

“We are very serious about inventory management… we can be personally prosecuted and sent to jail.”

Lackland Air Force Base Adds Security To Inventory Management While Increasing Floor Space

The Gun Smith Shop at Lackland AFB has taken aim on improving their inventory management by implementing an automated Megamat vertical carousel solution from Kardex Remstar. “We needed to create as perfect an inventory management system as humanly possible,” said SSgt. Rebecca Pendleton.

The carousels store components and parts for all Air Force weapons which number more than 50 different handguns, rifles, shotguns, automatic weapons, etc. The amount of work that flows into this facility is based on actual need, not schedule. So there have been as many as 20,000 M16 rifles coming in on one day and other days nothing. “We have to be able to respond quickly and accurately to meet our mission, our automated system allows us to do exactly this,” said Pendleton.
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