T&D RTR-500GSM Basic GSM Modem Setup Guide - Sponsored Whitepaper

T&D RTR-500GSM Basic GSM Modem Setup Guide
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Enable Remote Monitoring with T&D Cellular Base Station

The RTR-500GSM is a Mobile Base Station with built-in wireless communication via GSM phone network capabilities. It can be used as a Base Unit for T&D’s popular RTR-500 wireless datalogger series, and when in communication range for GSM cellular phone service, the device can transmit data and warnings in remote locations where a LAN connection is impossible, making it ideal for tracking data while in transport. Warning reports can also be sent via e-mail or SMS to specified e-mail addresses, enabling the user to always stay appraised of changes in measurement readings. To set up the datalogger’s GSM cellular phone communication function, you’ll need the RTR- 500GSM base unit itself and a SIM card with a data plan (either a subscription-based card, or prepaid data).
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