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Eco-Tec Inc  Eco-Tec designs, develops, and manufactures equipment for industrial water treatment and purification of chemicals and gases. Our products incorporate advanced, proprietary designs that provide clients with improved...
Acid Purification for Stainless Steel Pickling - APU® Eco-Tec is the world leader in the development and supply of acid purification and recycle equipment using resin-based technology. Today, hundreds of APU...
AnoPur™ - Aluminum-Anodizing Acid Purification AnoPur™ is a version of Eco-Tec’s Acid Purification Systems specifically adapted for purification of sulphuric acid used in aluminum anodizing.
Levelpro  Level Sensors, Pressure Level Sensors, Level Transmitter, Pressure Level Transmitter, Plastic Level Sensor, Levelpro, Levelpro Submersible Level Sensor, Levelpro Pressure Switch, Levelpro Datalogger, Levelpro Level...
Vogelsang  Rotary Lobe Pumps, Inline Grinders/Solids Separators and Sludge Processing Products
Rotary Lobe Pump IQ112-114 Rotary Lobe Pump Flows 242gpm Pressures to 116 psi Flange Connections: 4" Raised Face ANSI, Rated Speed: 0-900rpm Solids Handling to 1.3" Suction Lift to...
Rotary Lobe Pump IQ112-81 Rotary Lobe Pump, Positive Displacement Pump

Acid Purification Systems Research Library

Keeping Water Soft
Eco-Tec Inc
Michael Dejak, Eco-Tec Inc., Canada, unveils a next generation water filtration technology for the oil and gas industry. T here is a need in many segments of the oil and gas production industry for an improvement in water filtration over traditional methods. This is especially true since the trend in oil and gas production is toward tighter, less permeable reservoirs and greater use of enhanced ...
Acid Separation for Impruity Control
Eco-Tec Inc
Acid separation using short bed ion exchange is a now well established technology in copper refinery tankhouses. Refinery bleed streams from liberator cells are treated by short bed systems to produce an acid-free byproduct stream that contains the bleed metals and valuable nickel salts. Removing the acid eliminates the need for a black acid evaporator and reduces the amount of sodium carbonate ...
Treatise on Efficient Biogas Purification
Eco-Tec Inc
TREATISE ON EFFICIENT BIOGAS PURIFICATION Hydrogen Sulfide Removal and Efficient Energy Recovery Energy recovery from biogas is becoming more common, but the processes are hampered with the presence of hydrogen sulfide (H2S). Biogas is a mixture of methane and carbon dioxide (CO2) and is often contaminated with toxic quantities of H2S. Sources of biogas are: municipal landfills that produce ...
Pretreatment Option for RO
Eco-Tec Inc
PRETREATMENT OPTION TO ENSURE LONGER RO MEMBRANE LIFE By Jane Mai, EIT, B.A.Sc. Eco-Tec Inc. Much like death and taxes, reverse osmosis membrane fouling is inevitable. However, there are preventative measures that can be taken to minimize scaling and fouling that will ensure longer reverse osmosis membrane life. REVERSE OSMOSIS Reverse osmosis (RO) involves forcing water through a ...
Evolution of Ion Exchange
Eco-Tec Inc
SIZE DOES MATTER Evolution of Counter-Current Ion Exchange for Industrial Water Treatment Bigger is not always better, and this concept is also true for industrial water treatment systems. Historically, water treatment systems consisted of large components with big footprints, convoluted piping and wiring, complex installations, and incompatible peripheral components—all of which contribute to ...

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Revere Control Systems Revere Control Systems Wastewater collection, mining operations, utilities. All need control systems. Revere Control Systems in Hoover, Alabama is an independent systems ...
WEFTEC.10: Revere Control Systems Revere Control Systems Bruce Koppenhoefer explains Revere's five new initiatives for making plants more efficient and effective, including the company's energy management ...
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