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Pulse Instruments  Pulse Instruments provides instruments for measurement and control

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Valve Selection Guide
The Valve Shop
Valves must be properly selected to operate safely, efficiently, and reliably without excessive maintenance. Further address accuracy, repeatability, and feedback requirements for automated control valves. First select the most cost effective valve type suitable for the given application. Then select the appropriate pressure/temperature rating, compatible materials of construction, pipe end ...
Selecting the Correct Mixer
Marion Process Solutions
In any manufacturing operation there is typically more than one way to reach your goal. This is also true when blending dry Points to Consider in bulk solids. Horizontal and vertical batch mixers and continuous mixers of various designs are available for a wide Selecting Equipment variety of applications; most mixer designs are viable in many applications. Points that must be considered in ...
Selecting Vacuum Filtration Technolgies
BHS-Filtration Inc.
Reprinted with permission from Chemical Engineering Progress (CEP), August 2005. Copyright © 2005 AIChE. Barry Perlmutter The appropriate testing procedures BHS-Filtration inc. help direct the selection of vacuum filtration equipment and ensure optimum equipment operation. S olid-liquid separation can be accomplished by pres- sure or vacuum filtration in a batch or continuous mode. Generally, ...
Selecting the Right Vacuum System
Gardner Denver Inc.
Selecting the Right Vacuum System for your petrochemical or chemical process Eric J. Boyles Market Manager, Chemical, Oil, & Gas - Americas Gardner Denver Nash A graduate of Edinboro University with a specialization in Physics and the University of Pittsburgh with a bachelor of science in Mechanical Engineering. Mr. Boyles is a member of AIChE and has 18 years of experience in industrial ...
Factors to Consider When Selecting a Diverter Valve
Vortex Valves
Selecting a diverter valve for your pneumatic conveying system can be difficult, especially when you consider the many diverter valves that are available. However, making the correct selection is important because a properly selected diverter valve can keep your operation running smoothly, reduce maintenance costs, and improve your conveying system's efficiency. Consider these factors when ...

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