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Complex Supply Chains Demand B2B e-Commerce Excellence
Complex Supply Chains Demand B2B e-Commerce Excellence Today’s complex supply chain processes cannot be supported without automation. The volume of products, orders, materi- als, invoices and payments simply is too large to process manually. Customers, suppliers, plants, warehouses and in- ventories are scattered across the globe, making paper-based business processes an unrealistic option. To ...
The Importance of a Highly Available B2B Infrastructure to ERP Success
The Importance of a Highly Available B2B Infrastructure to ERP Success If you asked business or information technology (IT) executives to list the top ten mission-critical applications in their enterprise, very few would list B2B e-commerce. For many leaders in the retail, manufacturing or services sectors, B2B e-commerce is not considered a strategic application. The attitude toward B2B is ...
Technology Business Research (TBR)
Pressures from the economic environment and new legislation are causing healthcare providers to seek out ways to streamline costs, providing an opportunity for Oracle to grow sales to the industry. TBR estimates that Oracle will capture more than $1.2 billion in total revenue from this industry in 2010. Prior to Phase Forward, Oracle had made just one acquisition to support healthcare ...
101 + Reasons to Move Forward to iFix
As our valued customer, you should be taking advantage of the best and latest technologies we have to offer. Proficy HMI/SCADA – iFIX* 4.5 is our most powerful iFIX application ever, with a wealth of new features and integration opportunities that can take your production operations to the next level of quality and efficiency. If you’re a member of our GlobalCare Complete Support program, an ...
Custom Engineered Container Dumping Solutions
Material Transfer & Storage
Material Handling Equipment & Integrated Systems Title: Custom Engineered Container Dumping Solutions A leading contract packager and manufacturer of food ingredients contacted Material Transfer, requiring container dumpers to empty containers of brownie and cake mixes into hoppers which fed existing packaging equipment. The new dumpers needed to accept containers loaded via pallet jack at ...

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