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Variable Area Flowmeter

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Porter Instrument Division  PORTER Instrument Company is a global leader in analytical, dental, industrial and medical instrumentation. Since 1968, the company has specialized in the development, manufacture and sale of precision instruments that...
P100 Metal Tube Flowmeters The P100 Series, with welded stainless steel construction and a maximum pressure rating of 4000 PSIG (1500 PSIG with valve) high pressure is ideal for...
P430 Glass Tube Flowmeter P430 Series flow meters feature borosilicate glass tubes with stainless steel frames and horizontal connections and are available with 65mm and 150mm scale...
Litre Meter Limited  chemical injection flowmeter, flow meter, flowmeters, flow meters for gases and liquids. Low flows and bespoke solutions for all flow measurement tasks.
Electromagnetic Flowmeters - 1000 EL series Extended linearity electromagnetic flowmeter with PTFE liner designed for wafer fitting between flanges. 25mm to 300mm
Electromagnetic Flowmeters - 1100J Series Lightweight, compact electromagnetic flowmeter with PBT liner designed for wafer fitting between flanges. 25mm - 150mm
Cannon Water Technology Inc.  Water treatment equipment, cooling tower chemical, steam boiler chemical, chemical pump, chlorine feed pumps, peristaltic, distributor,flow meters,magmeter,leak detection,level sensor,containment...
2350Pe pH Controller Lakewood Instruments pH Controller
BSI Controls (Buck Sales Inc)  BSI Controls [Buck Sales Inc] is a distributor and manufacturer's representative for control and measurement instrumentation and services.
ABB Armored Variable Area Flowmeters Armored rotameter with Flanged Connections
ABB Rotameters Buck Sales is an authorized distributor of Fischer & Porter ABB Variable Area Flow Meters (rotameters, purge meters and armored)
KROHNE, Inc.  KROHNE is a worldwide technological leader in the development, manufacture and distribution of accurate, reliable and cost-effective, measuring instruments for the process industries. KROHNE focuses on forming...
Variable Area Flowmeters Variable area flowmeters from KROHNE offer not only the maximum possible accuracy but also maximum reliability. A wealth of experience and an intelligent...
Universal Flow Monitors  Universal Flow Monitors is a manufacturer of a variety of flowmeters -- air flowmeters, mass flowmeters, vortex shedding flowmeters, Insite variable area flowmeters and meters for many processing industries.
Insite Transparent Flowmeters Universal offers variable area flowmeters made of see-through plastic with metal or plastic port adapters. You get to see your fluid as well as having all...
Lubrication oil We make 2 kinds of lube meters , Piston or Vane. Both have thousands of successful installations in industrial to severe locations. Decide which one is best...
King Instrument Company  Quality manufacturer of variable area flowmeters with best lead times, performance, and price; custom manufacturing; calibration services; standard and specialty rotameters. Flow meters for air and water flow measurement...
7100 Series Low Flow Metal Tube Meter
7200 Series Acrylic Tube
Chengfeng Flowmeter  Changzhou Chengfeng Flowmeter Co., Ltd., established in 1979 and located in Changzhou, specializes in the production of flow meters, level gauge and other industrial automation instruments. Its domestic first-class water...
Armored Metal Tube Rotameters LZ(W/WB)LZWH series Variable area flowmeter is of rugged, all-metal construction and suitable for a wide range of flowmetering applications. The LZW/LZWB...
Glass Rotameter LZB-LZJ LZB/LZJ series Variable area flowmeter is suitable for a wide range of chemical industry, petroleum, light industry, medicine, fertilizer, food, papermaking...
AW-Lake Company  Flow meter manufacturer of positive displacement gear, coriolis mass, turbine, variable area and paddle wheel flow meters electronics and controllers.
Kytola Instruments  Kytola Instruments provides superior flow solutions such as variable area flow meters, positive displacement meters, seal water meters, purge meters, constant flow regulators for industries like chemical, wastewater,...
Darhor Technology  Since the company was founded in 1986, customers have come to recognize Darhor Technology co.,Limited to stand for quality, reliability, and readily available low cost products. As a leading manufacturer in the controls...
GA24 glass core Series High lights Simple, low-cost measuring principle without auxiliary power Stable steel plate housing Process temperatures: -20°C to +100°C Operating...
metal core rotameter Variable Area Flow meter Intelligent metal tube rotameter is a high-tech product, the use of stable, reliable and has good prospects for use. It is mainly...
RM & C  Roxspur Measurement & Control Ltd (RM&C) is one of the UK's largest privately owned instrumentation manufacturers with over 85% of sales produced in our modern UK facilities. We have a comprehensive range of...
DFM All Plastic Variable Area Flowmeter All Plastic construction variable area flowmeters providing excellent chemical resistance and readability, supplied complete with end connections, either...
Hach Company.  Hach Company has manufactured products for the environment for more than 50 years. Their commitment to research and development and state-of-the-art manufacturing keeps them firmly at the forefront of technology. For over...
Sigma 910 Area Velocity Flow Meter The Sigma 910AV measures average velocity directly without the need for time consuming flow profiling, significantly reducing the cost of installation and...
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Variable Area Flowmeter Research Library

Positive displacement meters: pros, cons and selection
Litre Meter Limited
Positive displacement flowmeters, sometimes known as PD meters, have been around for more than 100 years. They are commonly used in a wide range of applications from domestic water measurement to measuring ultra flow rates of chemical at high pressures subsea. First off – what is a positive displacement' meter Well, as the name suggests it involves the positive displacement of a volume of fluid ...
The Importance of Variable Area Flow Meters
Kytola Instruments
Find out how industries that monitor gasses and liquids which accumulate during the manufacturing process can ensure operational safety and efficiency with variable area flow meters.
The Importance of Seal Liquid Monitors
Kytola Instruments
Did you know that "seal liquid monitors" are the most overlooked critical component in a manufacturing environment? Seal liquid monitors provide cooling and lubrication and are essential for any kind of seal. A seal liquid monitor is designed for applications on pumps, refiners, agitators and screens or where any mechanical seal requires uninterrupted seal water flow.
Modern Turbine Flowmeter Enhancements
COX Flow Measurement
Even though liquid turbine flowmeters have existed for several decades, there have been many enhancements, such as dual-rotor technology, bearing materials, embedded flow computers and improved methods of mechanical installation of supports and rotors, which offer impressive flow performance. These enhancements enable the modern turbine flowmeter to accomplish applications that were not possible ...
Determining Factors for Turbine Flowmeter Bearing Life
COX Flow Measurement
Determining Factors for Turbine Flowmeter Bearing Life In the field of flow measurement, several important factors can cause accuracy concerns leading to premature flowmeter calibrations or bearing replacement. Precision turbine meter users need to understand the proper techniques to ensure their instrument will maintain its calibration over the intended period of use. Most importantly, while ...

Variable Area Flowmeter Video

Overview of Summit FC8800 Flow Computer KROHNE, Inc. A quick overview of the most powerful Custody Flow Computer for Gas and Liquid applications.
KROHNE Tidalflux KROHNE, Inc. See how a partially filled magmeter by KROHNE works in this short clip
Variable Area Flowmeter Cannon Water Technology Inc. Company

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