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Burkert Fluid Control Systems  Burkertis a global developer and manufacturer of Solenoid valves, Process and control valves, Pneumatics, Sensors, MicroFluidics, MFC/MFM and proportional valves & Control devices.
Type 8011 - Sensor for continuous flow measurement Flow sensor for continuous flow measurement, measuring principle: magnetic
Type 8012 - Flow sensor for continuous flow measurement Flow sensor for continuous flow measurement, measuring principle: optic or magnetic
Cannon Water Technology Inc.  Water treatment equipment, cooling tower chemical, steam boiler chemical, chemical pump, chlorine feed pumps, peristaltic, distributor,flow meters,magmeter,leak detection,level sensor,containment...
EchoPod Level Sensor EchoPod® is the most advanced ultrasonic sensor on the market. Packed with unique features that make installation extremely easy and very affordable.
M310 Water Flow Switch Water Flow Switch
Litre Meter Limited  chemical injection flowmeter, flow meter, flowmeters, flow meters for gases and liquids. Low flows and bespoke solutions for all flow measurement tasks.
Electromagnetic Flowmeter - 500 series Low flow electromagnetic flowmeter with PTFE liner. BSP connections. 3, 6, 10, 15 & 20mm diameter. 15mm & 20mm are standard sizes.
Electromagnetic Flowmeters - 1000 EL series Extended linearity electromagnetic flowmeter with PTFE liner designed for wafer fitting between flanges. 25mm to 300mm
KROHNE, Inc.  KROHNE is a worldwide technological leader in the development, manufacture and distribution of accurate, reliable and cost-effective, measuring instruments for the process industries. KROHNE focuses on forming...
OPTIFLUX 1000 The OPTIFLUX 1000 electromagnetic flow sensor is an economical solution for a wide range of applications. The flowmeter can be used in applications...
OPTIFLUX 2000 Solution for the water and wastewater industry Electromagnetic flowmeter OPTIFLUX 2000 Sensor Engineered and manufactured for the water and wastewater...
Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc.  Manufacturer of turbine flowmeters ultrasonic and magnetic flow meters and flow computers flow rate indicators flow totalizers
Nor-Mag Magnetic Flowmeters Magnetic AC/DC powered General Industrial Meters.
Stanford Magnets  Stanford Magnets has been involved in R&D, manufacturing and sales of permanent magnets since the mid 1980s.
MSR Magmeter  MSR Magmeter is located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada since 1983. Originally founded in Germany by Paul Mähler, the current President. MSR has been developing and marketing magnetic insertion flowmeters for over 20...
Magnum IC The Magnum IC in most respects is technically identical to the Magnum Standard. It can be used in the same applications and pipe sizes with the exception of...
Magnum SP This is our latest magnetic flowmeter based on the sucessfull Magnum design. Magnum SP is intended for smaller pipes and applications ins which the features...
Bunting Magnetics Co.  Bunting® Magnetics Co. represents the fulfillment of Mr. Bunting’s ambition to establish a business of his own. He was born in Detroit, Michigan, on September 25, 1925. During his youth, Mr. Bunting helped his family...
Eddy Current Separator Our Eddy Current Separator products feature an innovative rotor which maximizes gauss intensity on the belt surface and provides superior separation of...
Sparling Instruments, LLC  Sparling Instruments designs and manufactures fluid flow measuring products used for measuring the flow of liquids in many industries including water production and distribution, wastewater treatment, water remediation,...
Economag The Economag is a low-cost electromagnetic flowmeter designed to provide high order of performance, accuracy & reliability for most of the liquid flow...
Magnetic Flowmeters-Tigermag EP Magnetic flowmeters are based on Faraday's Law of Magnetic Induction. In a magnetic flowmeter, the liquid acts as a conductor as it flows through the pipe....
Isoil USA  ISOIL-USA provides optimum solutions for all of your closed-pipe flow measurement needs. ISOIL electromagnetic flow meters (magmeter) are the most accurate and cost effective flow meter for full-pipe applications.
MS501 Electromagnetic Flowmeter Accuracy to ±0.2% of rate from 3 to 33 fps. Lower cost than flanged units. Six sizes from .125" to .75" Pipe Diameters. Flow ranges from 0.034 to 49.84...
Instruments Direct Inc  Ultrasonic Flow Meter Rentals & Sales
South Gas Co 
Automation Service  Automation Service is a leading remanufacturer of electronic transmitters, diaphragm seals and capillary systems, pneumatic transmitters, electronic controllers, recorders, indicators and auxiliary stations, butterfly...
Rosemount 8705/8712C Flowmeter The 8700 series magnetic flowmeter system, consisting of an 8701 magnetic flowtube, signal cable and an 8712C series transmitter, measures flow rate of...
Rosemount 8712c Magnetic Flow Transmitter The 8700 series magnetic flowmeter system, consisting of an 8701 magnetic flowtube, signal cable and an 8712C series transmitter, measures flow rate of...
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Magnetic Flowmeter Research Library

Case Study - Fuel Cells Quality Controlled With New Sierra Smart Trak Meters from Litre Meter
Litre Meter Limited
Custom flow meter manufacturer and distributor Litre Meter has supplied Sierra Smart-Trak volume flow meters to clean power systems company Intelligent Energy for use in its quality control operations. From its headquarters in Loughborough, Intelligent Energy develops clean power systems based on hydrogen fuel cell technology platforms for OEMs in the aerospace, power generation, oil and gas and ...
Improve process efficiency in variothermal injection moulding
Burkert Fluid Control Systems
How to improve process efficiency in variothermal injection moulding Modular valve concept for improved process efficiency in variothermal injection moulding Author: Dr. Egon Huefner, Bürkert Fluid Control Systems In injection moulding, meeting the increasing requirements concerning the surface quality and dimensional accuracy poses a real challenge. Processors demand tension-free and ...
Sonar Flow Meter versus Magnetic Flow Meter -- Application: Large Diameter Hydrocyclone Feed in a Minerals Processing Concentrat
Minerals processing plants typically use grinding mills in closed circuit with hydrocyclone batteries to produce slurry with a very specific particle size distribution. This size distribution is critical to the performance of the recovery stage of flotation. Therefore it is important to operate the hydrocyclone battery within its design set points. Tangential velocity and slurry feed density are ...
Measuring Tube Construction Affects the Long-term Stability of Magnetic Flow Meters
Mag meters in filling machine applications are frequently subject to widely varying conditions during normal operation. As a result, they are viable candidates for evaluating their long term performance in an accelerated use environment. Read a study of the long term measurement stability of mag meters in filling machine applications and what changes can be made to increase accuracy and ...
Factors That Cause Permanent Magnets Lose Magnetic Strength
Stanford Magnets
Stanford Magnets Factors That Cause Permanent Magnets Lose Magnetic Strength Magnetic spaces secured, bring about the capacity of a lasting magnet to backing an outside magnetic field. Once settled these area positions are held until followed up on by strengths surpassing those of the bolted spaces. The vitality needed to change the magnetic field handled by a ...

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Overview of KOG Solutions KROHNE, Inc. A quick glance at the broad range of metering solutions for the Oil and Gas Industries.
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