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Litre Meter Limited  chemical injection flowmeter, flow meter, flowmeters, flow meters for gases and liquids. Low flows and bespoke solutions for all flow measurement tasks.
Electromagnetic Flowmeter - 500 series Low flow electromagnetic flowmeter with PTFE liner. BSP connections. 3, 6, 10, 15 & 20mm diameter. 15mm & 20mm are standard sizes.
Electromagnetic Flowmeters - 1000 EL series Extended linearity electromagnetic flowmeter with PTFE liner designed for wafer fitting between flanges. 25mm to 300mm
Cannon Water Technology Inc.  Water treatment equipment, cooling tower chemical, steam boiler chemical, chemical pump, chlorine feed pumps, peristaltic, distributor,flow meters,magmeter,leak detection,level sensor,containment...
BW103 All-In-One Steam Boiler Treatment Concentrated: 14 - 21 ounces treats 1000 gallons of feed water used in a steam boiler treatment system.
Universal Flow Monitors  Universal Flow Monitors is a manufacturer of a variety of flowmeters -- air flowmeters, mass flowmeters, vortex shedding flowmeters, Insite variable area flowmeters and meters for many processing industries.
Plastic V/A Flowmeter - SX Series These flowmeters have plastic bodies, a wide variety of metal internals, and fittings. They are ideally suited to monitor flows of such fluids as corrosive...
Ernst Flow Industries  Ernst Flow Industries was established upon the merger in 2002 of Eugene Ernst Products Company and Ernst Gage Company, two of the oldest and most respected names in liquid level measurement and fluid monitoring...
Flow Indicator Valves and Sight Windows Ernst Flow Industries keeps the largest selection of flow indicator valves and water flow meters in stock to fulfill any application.
Papailias Incorporated,  Papailias Incorporated has established its position of leadership in the process observation and control field by continually providing new and innovative products to solve the most difficult problems facing process...
Full View Sight Flow Indicators Series LIF is available with flanged ends faced and drilled to mate with ANSI Class 150 Connections.
High Pressure Sight Flow Indicators Series FIS/HP sight flow indicators, provided with NPT threaded ends per ANSI B2.1, offer inline on-the-spot viewing of a pipeline's contents. Series FIS/HP...
SURE FLOW Products, LLC  Sure Flow Products, LLC offers a variety of flow meter technologies for all applications in liquids, air and gases. We specialize in liquid filtration equipment that includes housings, bags, cartridges, and strainers. We...
SERIES CM : Corioils Mass Flow Meter No Moving Parts – No Obstruction of Flow Path Full scale flows from 1.3 GPM to 260 GPM Connection Sizes: ½ inch to 3 inches (Flanged,...
SERIES DF : Portable, Non-Intrusive Flow meter Non-Intrusive No Moving Parts No Routine Maintenance Required No Contact with Liquid Not Affected by Line Pressure Large 3.5” LCD Readout Low Battery...
Johanson Innovation, Inc  Johanson Innovations, Inc. manufacture, sell and distribute and service the Johanson Indicizer System. This system was developed by Dr. Jerry R. Johanson, a world-wide renowned expert on solids flow handling and storage...
Flow Rate Indicizer Measures the Flow Rate, Bin Density, Feed Density and Springback Indices.
Hang-Up Indicizer In general, a higher AI indicates poor flow and a lower AI indicates better flow. For example, a powder with a higher AI tends to stop flow in hoppers,...
Flow Network  Flow Network specializes in flow sensing products for liquid and air flow. We supply only the highest quality, time tested products and support them with many years of flow applications experience. We pride ourselves on...
COX Flow Measurement  COX Flow Measurement supplies high-accuracy turbine flowmeters, flow electronics and calibrators for the world’s most demanding applications.
COX Instruments Brochure Serving Major Industries Worldwide
Digital Display, Panel Mount The indicator toggles manually or automatically, to view either rate or total and displays up to 8 digits with separate scaling and decimal point placement....
John C Ernst Co Inc  John C. Ernst Co. is a leading manufacturer of a variety of instruments for process and steam-specific applications. Products include sight-flow indicators, flowmeters, liquid-level gauges and valves, gaskets, and flow...
Model 010 Plain Double Window Flow Indicator Plain - No indicator. For direct visual inspection of liquid. Mounts in any direction. Model Body Material 010 Carbon Steel 040 Bronze 060...
Model 118P - Paddlewheel Indicator Low Pressure - Single Window - Threaded
Sanisite Online  Sanisite, LLC provides on-line ordering of an extensive line of specialty process observation and fluid instrumentation to the Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, and Biotech Industries. Our product line consists of Sight...
Sanitary Sight Flow Indicator Designed for the Food, Beverage, and Dairy Industry, this compact Sanitary In-Line Sightglass has a large viewing window and sanitary clamp connection. The...
Sterile Sight Flow Indicator These In-Line sterile sightglasses are designed for high purity applications. They feature an internal flush style that meets FDA and 3A specifications...
Archon Industries Inc.  Manufacturer & distributor of process observation equipment including sightglasses, liquid level gauges, sight flow indicators, hazardous & non-hazardous lighting units, window wipers, Pyrex glass, sanitary sightglasses &...
LIGHTS for SIGHTGLASSES The ARCHON model Ex99 is compact and will afford generous viewing of vessel contents using one sightglass for combined Lighting and Viewing.
SIGHT FLOW INDICATORS The model AKF-F is a Flanged Sight Flow Indicator with a cast body. This sight flow indicator provides visual observation and monitoring of the process flow...
Archon Industries, Inc.  Manufacturer & distributor of process observation equipment including sightglasses, liquid level gauges, sight flow indicators, hazardous & non-hazardous lighting units, window wipers, Pyrex glass, sanitary sightglasses &...
AKF-F Sight Flow Indicator Sight Flow Indicator
Sight Flow Indicator - AKF-FM The model AKF-FM is a Flanged, 300# Sight Flow Indicator with a cast body. This sight flow indicator provides visual observation and monitoring of the...
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Flow Indicator - Product Reviews

Looking beyond the price tag. Choosing inexpensive over expensive: common mistake in selecting flow indicators dooms many to costly results. Common sense is the cure.

Decision making in flow requirements should be as easy as applying a little common sense to the necessary requirements. However, many times common sense is overlooked. Deciding on price alone or first computing the installation costs has proven to be a pricey and dangerous oversight.

6 Steps to Identify Best-in-Class Flow Vendors:

  1. Firsts steps first: what are the development of specifications that state the application requirements?
  2. Decide if the flow information should be continuous or totalized;
  3. if that information is needed locally or remotely;
  4. if the need is indeed remote, should the trans-mission be analog, digital, or shared?
  5. And, if shared, what is the minimum data-update frequency?
  6. Finally, if the best option to meet specifications is for an expensive flow indicator, then buy it.

Best-in-Class Flow Indicators features:

  • Ensure that installation can be in line sizes from 1-1/2" to 100"
  • Internal indicator components (and some external) made from stainless steel
  • High pressure as well as submersible design, particularly for liquids.

Top Considerations before Buying Flow Indicators:

At this point, the top consideration is to view the anticipated purchase of the flow indicator in light of intangible factors such as plant personnel’s’ familiarity with that type of flow indicator; and the vendor's own experience with calibration, maintenance, and spare parts.

Key Providers:

1. John C. Ernst Company Inc., founded in 1969, develops and specializes in process engineering equipment and devices for applications involving water, steam, oils, gases, chemicals, and sanitary projects. The company's produces flowmeter solutions for water, steam, acid, chemicals, air, gases, and high viscosity fluids. In addition to differential pressure flowmeters, flow indicators other flowmeter devices are dial type, digital with total and rate displays, shuttle type, variable area, and positive displacement oval gear type for high or varying viscosity fluids. Flow meters are available with 4-20mA transmitters, remote readout, pulse signals, can be field calibrated for fluids other than water, and can be battery operated when input power is not an option. We now have a Digital Flow Meter in PVDF Housing for aggressive chemicals. Additionally, the John C. Ernst Company manufactures and supplies observation equipment such as sight glasses, liquid level gauges, sight flow, illuminators, ejectors, and eductors for the petro-chemical, chemical processing, processing, food & beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, semi-conductor, and boiler room equipment industries.

2. Orange Research Inc. specializes in differential pressure technology, manufacturing differential pressure gauges, switches, transmitters, sensors and transducers; flow meters, flow indicators and flow switches; and liquid level switches. Founded in 1968, with work beginning on an indicator to compare differing pressures, the company over the intervening years has produced differential pressure applications for monitoring filtration equipment, compressors and heat exchangers for a wide variety of industries including oil refining, chemicals and semiconductors.

3. Clark Solutions provides solutions to pressure, flow, level, and other applications with inert valves, solenoid operated valves, miniature and subminiature valves. The company provides a wide range of pumps for liquids, gases, and air including diaphragm pumps, piston pumps, rotary vane pumps, gear pumps, peristaltic pumps, impeller pumps, and bellows pumps, including devices to record, monitor, and control flow, velocity, pressure, temperature, humidity, level, and gas concentration. Clark Solutions offers a wide range of flowmeters, variable area flowmeter, vortex flowmeters, ultrasonic vortex flow meter, water meter, totalizing water meter, flow switch, flow indicator, flow transmitter, flow sensor, and flow controller products.

4. Founded in 1989, Florite International Inc. develops process control and monitoring instrumentation solutions for flow, level, pressure, gas, and temperature measurment, control and data logging. The company claims that it has “instrumented thousands of commercial and industrial facilities throughout the globe.” Focusing on niche markets, is the company's M2C2 instrument that, according to Florite, provides the ability to "directly address any specific application situations and requirements by making it possible to mass customize standard instrument platforms," much unlike other manufacturer's "fixed instrument" technologies. The company claims that the M2C2 allows for increased choice, decreased complexity, and product/process interoperability.

5. Exact Flow manufactures precision turbine flow meters for hydrocarbon, water, gas flow measurement applications with accuracy to 0.05% of reading. The company is the only supplier of dual-rotor turbine flow meter technology, delivering flow management to meet the application requirements of the aerospace, industrial, automotive and OEM markets, including high-pressure manifold systems for subsea applications. As the only supplier of dual-rotor turbine flow meter technology, the company states that, “Often, one dual-rotor turbine flowmeter can replace two single-rotor flowmeters, saving on installation space and omitting costly flow straighteners.”Exact Flow's dual-rotor turbine flow meter technology was selected for the Lockheed Martin Joint Strike Fighter-STOVL, the Lockheed F22 Raptor, the Pratt & Whitney F119, and the Pratt & Whitney X51 Scram Jet...and Formula 1 racing cars. Exact Flow's primary focus specializes in advanced embedded electronics, multiple process variable measurements and unique packaging to minimize the need for additional sensors and installation expense.

6. ControlSoft, producer of advanced control systems, engineers and develops process control systems and solutions, focusing on developing advanced control technologies, some of which it licenses to other industries and systems developers. The company's newest technologies include multivariable flow control to fuzzy logic, from loop optimization and diagnostics to management systems. ControlSoft develops advanced control algorithms and software designed to improve the efficiency and control quality of continuous and batch processes. The company claims that its systems and software are in use by thousands of companies in the U.S. and the international market, and provides customer service for application support, on-site field service, and phone technical support.

7. In industries such as bio-pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, fuel cell, solar, chemicals, medical devices, analytical instrumentation, and semiconductors, Brooks Instrument provides a broad array of devices that provide solutions to flow, pressure, and level measurement challenges. Brooks Instrument pioneered the first miniaturized Coriolis mass flow controller (Quantim), the first watertight and explosion proof thermal mass flow controller (Mf Series), the first thermal mass flow controller with Foundation Fieldbus (SLA Series), and the first variable area meter with Foundation Fieldbus (MT3809 & MT3750). The company's devices include glass and metal tube variable area meters (rotameters), thermal mass flow controllers and meters, Coriolis mass flow controllers, meters and transmitters, pressure control products, magnetic level instruments, and a variety of flow, pressure, and level accessories. The company acquired Key Instruments which produces precision machined acrylic flow meters, molded plastic flow meters, glass tube flow meters, electronic flow meters, and flow control valves.

Flow Indicators
Definition: Flow Indicators are meter or indicating instrument used for monitoring, measuring, or recording the rate of flow, pressure, or discharge of a fluid, air or gas. 



Flow Indicator Research Library

Positive displacement meters: pros, cons and selection
Litre Meter Limited
Positive displacement flowmeters, sometimes known as PD meters, have been around for more than 100 years. They are commonly used in a wide range of applications from domestic water measurement to measuring ultra flow rates of chemical at high pressures subsea. First off – what is a positive displacement' meter Well, as the name suggests it involves the positive displacement of a volume of fluid ...
Sight Flow Indicator Handbook
L.J. Star Incorporated
Selection and application of sight flow indicators in process applications Introduction to Sight Flow Indicators 1 Applications 2 Specifying 2 Types of Sight Flow Indicators 3 Accessories 7 Construction 9 Preventing Sight Glass Failures 11 Installation and Maintenance Tips 12 L.J. Star Incorporated provides an extensive line of process observation equipment — sightglasses, lights, sanitary ...
Flow indices predict powder behavior
Johanson Innovation, Inc
Recent developments in characteris- ing powder flow properties show promise in predicting the success or failure of tableting presses, and related powder processing and handling equipment, with untried formulations. Derived from basic powder flow prop- erties, the recently developed flow indices quantify various basic powder flow phenomena related to blenders, feeders, chutes, bins and tableting ...
COX Flow Measurement
LATEST ADVANCEMENTS IN FLOW COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY Ron Madison, Vice President of Marketing COX Instruments End users can enhance the performance of their turbine flowmeter by using an integral flow computer. There are many reasons to use an integral flow computer in a process application or test system; however, the insurance of proper signal processing, tracking fluid viscosity and extending the ...
Transitional Flow Effects on Flow Meter Measuring Accuracy
Fluid Components International
Vortab flow conditioners are widely recognized and applied in flow metering applications to correct the unpredictable effects of flow profile shifts caused by limited straight-run, upstream pipe geometry changes (e.g. damper positioning) and load changes. These unpredictable flow profile variations are neutralized as they pass through the Vortab flow conditioner to present a consistent, ...

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Sight Flow Indicator Selection Tips L.J. Star Incorporated Step-by-step advice on how to select the ideal sight flow indicator for your process.
How Low Can You Flow? Micro-Trak Flow Meter Demonstration for Low Flow, High Accuracy Sierra Instruments, Inc. Watch a live demonstration of controlling gas mass flow rate to an incredible 0.2 sccm with a Micro-Trak Model 101 flowmeter by Sierra Instruments ...
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