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Monitor Technologies, LLC.

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Why use continuous level sensors?
Monitor Technologies, LLC.
White Paper: Why use continuous level sensors? Continuous level sensors however can provide you with much more information. In addition to detecting “high and low” levels, a continuous level sensor can actually help cut inventory costs by providing you with better control over re-ordering materials. It will also offer an obvious increase in personnel safety since employees would not have to ...
Selecting Continuous Level Sensors for Bulk Solid Applications
Monitor Technologies, LLC.
Most “level” devices target the surface of the material based on “mount locations” or “aiming”. See how angle-of-repose, fill point, and discharge points all can affect sensor performance.
Hazardous Locations A Primer
Monitor Technologies, LLC.
When applying electrical instrumentation in a wide variety of industrial environments we must be aware of the type of area the devices are being installed within. By this we mean the “type” of area from an electrical code standpoint. This white paper serves to provide some information and guidance regarding area classifications and required approvals for electrical instrumentation. However, this ...
Fly-Ash Level Measurement Solutions Using Guided Wave Radar
Monitor Technologies, LLC.
Fly-Ash Level Measurement Solutions Using Guided Wave Radar Fly-ash is derived specifically from the combustion of coal. Typically in a coal-fired power plant fly-ash is transported from the firebox through the boiler by flue gases. It is a by-product of the coal combustion process. Coarse ash, referred to as “bottom ash” or slag, falls to the bottom of the combustion chamber while the lighter ...
Remote & Vendor Managed Inventory Management Systems for Bulk Solids
Monitor Technologies, LLC.
A remote managed inventory (RMI) system allows more efficient management of product between supplier and customer. A RMI system collects and centralizes inventory measurements at the customer's facility (or facilities), and gives various remote users access to this data as needed. RMI ensures a reliable and timely supply of raw materials. An alternative methodology that returns similar results is ...

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Overview of Monitor Products
KA / KAX Rotary Paddle Level Switches
SafePoint Fail-Safe Paddle Level Switch
TrueCap RF Capacitance Level Sensors
SiloPatrol Cable-Based Level Sensor
Flexar Guided Wave Radar Continuous Level
PZP Vibratory Level Sensor
VibraRod Vibratory Level Sensor
Diaphragm Pressure Level Switch
Tilt Level Switches
Proximity Bin Level Switch
Solids Flow Detector - Microwave
DustAlarm Particle Emission (Broken Bag) Detector
Rectangular Air Pad
Evasser Bin Aerator
Flo-Pad Bin Aerator
RF Capacitance Level Sensor with Quick-Connect
QuantiMass Inline Mass Flow Measurement Sensor
HumiCore Inline Moisture Measurement Sensor
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