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Exploring the Versatility of Free-Fall Processing ®
Continental Products Corporation
Uniform application of liquids to solids will produce a superior product at the lowest cost of operation. Read how Continental's Processing method ensures the critical droplet size to the particle size producing the desired finished product.
Rolling Vibrators Deliver Good Vibrations to Rotary Drum Mixers
Continental Products Corporation
A custom-designed rolling vibrator aids discharge of challenging material from horizontal rotary drum mixers. Find out how a mixer supplier, Continental Products, perfected the rolling vibrator concept to customize rotary drums for their customers, eliminating long clean out times between runs and excessive product waste.
Continental Rotating Drum Mixer is Worth all the Tea in China - Case Study
Continental Products Corporation
After 9/11, importing tea from overseas became problematic due to the lengthy time containers spent in port awaiting FDA approval. Read how one company, Adagio Tea, Inc., brought their tea flavoring in-house and streamlined their supply chain while improving quality control.
Mixing and Bagging Homogeneous Results
Continental Products Corporation
Prosel SRL de CV, Monterrey, Mexico, makes both solid and liquid processed specialty chemicals that are used by water treatment facilities, power plants, petrochemical facilities, oil refineries, and steel mills for industrial water treatment, metal cleaning and finishing, and other applications. The solid products can consist of all powder ingredients or a combination of powder and liquid ...
Successful Search For Rotary Batch Blenders Saves Drug Company One Million/Year
Continental Products Corporation
A leading manufacturer of Animal Health products installed six 1000 cu. ft. capacity “Rollo-Mixers®”. Product quality improved, production rates were increased, and they eliminated costly rework. Previously, rotary blenders had required 90 min. mix times. Product sampling was difficult due to poor equipment access, and mixing was inconsistent. Often batches were off-spec, needed to be ...

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Mechanical Blender Replicates the Master’s Art
Mk 8 Dry Mixer Superior to V Blenders, Cone Blenders, Company Says
Continental Products Corp. - Master Mixologists
An Iowa feed company upgrades facility using new Rotary Drum Mixer.
Mixer Uses Cost-Effective Coating Process for "Uniformly Blended Product", & Easy Cleaning
Blending System Wrings Problems Out Of Detergent Manufacturing Operation

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Rotary Batch Mixer - Scale up in the Rollo-Mixer® Batch Mixer Continental Products Corporation Scale up in the Rollo-Mixer® Rotary Batch Mixer? Continental Products' Technical Dir. answers the question: "How do I scale up my process from pilot tests ...
Distributive Mixing - Blending Fibers with Cement Continental Products Corporation Continental Products Corp. manufactures the Rollo-Mixer ® rotary drum mixer which is well known for blending dissimilar particle size and densities. ...
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Homogenizer Continental Products Corporation Information
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