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Disinfection qualifications are critical in assuring the microbial control of a manufacturing environment by qualifying the appropriate use and effectiveness of disinfection products and procedures. Obtaining the highest confidence that aseptic, cleanroom, and other critical manufacturing environments are properly cleaned, sanitized and disinfected is paramount in assuring the production of safe ...
The Ins and Outs of I/P Transducers
ControlAir, Inc.
I/P transducers are versatile instruments that use an electrical control signal to proportionally regulate gas pressure. The most common application is in valve actuation, but they can also be used in many other situations. As more processes become automated, I/P's are being used more and more in place of manual regulators. Overall, I/P's are relatively simple devices, but there are numerous ...
A Tale of Two Thermals: Capillary & Immersible
Sierra Instruments, Inc.
Sierra Instruments has introduced two new thermal sensing technologies that improve accuracy and repeatability by measuring gas mass flow rate at the molecular level. Explore these two technologies and how they work to deliver more stable, accurate results.
Why use continuous level sensors?
Monitor Technologies, LLC.
White Paper: Why use continuous level sensors? Continuous level sensors however can provide you with much more information. In addition to detecting “high and low” levels, a continuous level sensor can actually help cut inventory costs by providing you with better control over re-ordering materials. It will also offer an obvious increase in personnel safety since employees would not have to ...
Mini Super Screen - Case Study
BM&M Screening Solutions
The Calgary Feed Plant contacted BM&M to help increase both capacity and efficiency for their Cube, Pellet and Crumble screening. Given this would be the first installation for Calgary, BM&M's Sales Representative conducted a pre-sales site visit to ensure their project objectives were clearly understood.

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Flow Meter Rocket Science: Sierra Helps NASA Improve Shuttle Cargo Door Air Flow Sierra Instruments, Inc. Flow meters are truly space age technology. At Sierra Instruments, our air flow sensors and controllers have been part of many NASA space shuttle ...
Mini Sports Booster Haskel International LLC. Air driven gas booster for low frequency, low flow Nitrogen and Oxygen recharging

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