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The Ins and Outs of I/P Transducers
ControlAir, Inc.
I/P transducers are versatile instruments that use an electrical control signal to proportionally regulate gas pressure. The most common application is in valve actuation, but they can also be used in many other situations. As more processes become automated, I/P's are being used more and more in place of manual regulators. Overall, I/P's are relatively simple devices, but there are numerous ...
Mixing and Bagging Homogeneous Results
Continental Products Corporation
Prosel SRL de CV, Monterrey, Mexico, makes both solid and liquid processed specialty chemicals that are used by water treatment facilities, power plants, petrochemical facilities, oil refineries, and steel mills for industrial water treatment, metal cleaning and finishing, and other applications. The solid products can consist of all powder ingredients or a combination of powder and liquid ...
Case History: MECO Seals on Toll Blender
MECO Shaft Seals, div. Woodex Bearing Company, Inc.
Reed Food Technology in Pearl, Miss., is a processor of bulk food ingredients for the food service industry. Their products include batters, breadings, dry spice and seasoning mixes, instant marinades, sauces and gravies. These are sold to hotels, cruise ships and other large food service establishments. Their original products were wet dressings and sauces, and they would outsource the dry ...
Optimized Commissioning of Control Systems
Burkert Fluid Control Systems
When commissioning control systems, coordination problems between individual components occur quite frequently. Learn more about a new, integrated controller concept with pre-parameterized control systems and defined components that prevents these problems and ensures fast, seamless commissioning.
Haskel International LLC.
Tight, durable seating of tubes in tubesheets is one of the critical functions in manufacturing heat exchangers for high pressure steam generators, boilers for conventional power generation, food and pharmaceutical processing systems and condensers. In selecting the best method for expanding the tube within the sheet, producers must examine factors including safety, speed, cost, operator skill ...

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Mini Sports Booster Haskel International LLC. Air driven gas booster for low frequency, low flow Nitrogen and Oxygen recharging

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