Thanks to its circular processing unit design, the Fluid Bed Processors has a higher strength-to-weight ratio compared to rectangular processors since it requires no steel sidewalls or cross braces to withstand vibration. In comparison to rectangular configurations, the processor uses a lighter gauge shell and has fewer welding seams. The design uses only one air inlet and one outlet.

Kason offers configurations and accessories for scalping, de-dusting, agglomerating, or de-agglomerating materials during drying, cooling, or moisturizing. Continuous air flow and vibration separates and fluidizes individual particles. This process maximizes the exposed surface area and reduces the rate of drying, moisturizing, cooling, or heating.

The compact designs range from 18 to 84 in. in diameter. The small size makes the processor ideal for laboratory and pilot plant testing, in addition to high-volume. Frame-mounted casters can be installed to provide in-plant mobility.

Quick Specs

  • Uses vibrations to maximize surface area.
  • Has fewer welding seams and inlets and outlets than rectangular designs.

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Editor’s Take

A compact size and available casters allows the user to easily install or move the fluid bed processor around the location.
Using only one air inlet and one air outlet reduces sanitary labor costs.

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