Available in 4.5- and 12-sq.ft screen sizes, the Mini-Super Screen comes in any one of three deck configurations in steel or stainless steel construction. Targeting powder and bulk industries, the equipment works with particles ranging from 100-micron powders to 1-in. bulk products.

A smaller drive-assembly design allows BM&M Screening Solutions to utilize existing drive patents. Compared to conventional screeners, a dynamically balanced, horizontal gyratory design allows for improved speeds and higher strokes. The device requires no isolators or cable-mounting systems.

The small-capacity super screen has a 100,000 hour mean time before failure (MTBF). The screener provides a 300 rpm drive speed with a standard 1800 rpm electric motor.  BM&M Screening Solutions’ Mini-Super Screen comes with a three-year warranty.

Quick Specs

  • Uses a stationary shaft with a high-speed eccentric weight rotating on a bearing assembly to generate the eccentric motion.
  • The screens have a 330 rpm drive speed.

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Editor’s Take

The device has no cable-mounting systems or isolators, minimizing building vibration.

A 100,000 hour MTBF and a three-year warranty ensure the quality of the product.


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