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Rolling Vibrators Deliver Good Vibrations to Rotary Drum Mixers
Continental Products Corporation
A custom-designed rolling vibrator aids discharge of challenging material from horizontal rotary drum mixers. Find out how a mixer supplier, Continental Products, perfected the rolling vibrator concept to customize rotary drums for their customers, eliminating long clean out times between runs and excessive product waste.
Haskel International LLC.
Tight, durable seating of tubes in tubesheets is one of the critical functions in manufacturing heat exchangers for high pressure steam generators, boilers for conventional power generation, food and pharmaceutical processing systems and condensers. In selecting the best method for expanding the tube within the sheet, producers must examine factors including safety, speed, cost, operator skill ...
Cooling Tower Zero Blowdown Technology System with Softened Makeup Water
Cannon Water Technology Inc.
The Tempe Transportation Center, Tempe, AZ, was designed to be certified by the USGBC LEED green building program to its highest level, “Platinum”. While the building is designed to minimize powered air conditioning by innovative design, due to ambient summer temperatures in Tempe reaching highs exceeding 110 F, an evaporative cooling tower – chiller system of 176 tons capacity was included in ...
Monitoring  Bulk Solids  Inventory
Bulk Solids Inventory exists in a wide range of industries including agriculture, grain processing, feed production, plastic processing, concrete production and many more. Reliable monitoring of these inventories and efficient management of the corresponding data requires a choice of sensing technologies such as weight or level sensors as well as up-to-date, efficient data management ...
Positive displacement meters: pros, cons and selection
Litre Meter Limited
Positive displacement flowmeters, sometimes known as PD meters, have been around for more than 100 years. They are commonly used in a wide range of applications from domestic water measurement to measuring ultra flow rates of chemical at high pressures subsea. First off – what is a positive displacement' meter Well, as the name suggests it involves the positive displacement of a volume of fluid ...

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IPS - Fluid & Gas Handling Solutions International Polymer Solutions Inc. IPS manufactures high-purity plastic fluid handling products for semiconductor, life science, sanitary and general chemical handling environments ...
Nitrite Test Cannon Water Technology Inc.

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