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Haskel International LLC.
Tight, durable seating of tubes in tubesheets is one of the critical functions in manufacturing heat exchangers for high pressure steam generators, boilers for conventional power generation, food and pharmaceutical processing systems and condensers. In selecting the best method for expanding the tube within the sheet, producers must examine factors including safety, speed, cost, operator skill ...
Case History Report – Cooling Tower Systems Operated with Corrosive, High Alkalinity Softened Makeup Water
Cannon Water Technology Inc.
Solution After a discussion of various options for increasing cycles to reduce water and chemical usage while addressing the scale problem, the decision was made to convert to a ProChemTech SofTek tm program using cation softened water as cooling tower makeup. ProChemTech supplied water softeners for the three separate cooling tower systems with installation being completed in October, 2006. The ...
Mixing and Bagging Homogeneous Results
Continental Products Corporation
Prosel SRL de CV, Monterrey, Mexico, makes both solid and liquid processed specialty chemicals that are used by water treatment facilities, power plants, petrochemical facilities, oil refineries, and steel mills for industrial water treatment, metal cleaning and finishing, and other applications. The solid products can consist of all powder ingredients or a combination of powder and liquid ...
Mini Super Screen - Case Study
BM&M Screening Solutions Ltd.
The Calgary Feed Plant contacted BM&M to help increase both capacity and efficiency for their Cube, Pellet and Crumble screening. Given this would be the first installation for Calgary, BM&M's Sales Representative conducted a pre-sales site visit to ensure their project objectives were clearly understood.
Selecting Continuous Level Sensors for Bulk Solid Applications
Monitor Technologies, LLC.
Most “level” devices target the surface of the material based on “mount locations” or “aiming”. See how angle-of-repose, fill point, and discharge points all can affect sensor performance.

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Blending and Coating Decorative Products in the Rollo-Mixer ® Batch Mixer Continental Products Corporation Blending and Coating Decorative Products -- in the Continental Rollo-Mixer ® Batch Mixer. Continental's Technical Dir. shows how the Rollo-Mixer is used ...
IPS - Fluid & Gas Handling Solutions International Polymer Solutions Inc. IPS manufactures high-purity plastic fluid handling products for semiconductor, life science, sanitary and general chemical handling environments ...

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